I just want to whine about this once so I can get it out of my system: I feel uneasy that the BLOOD ANGEL published in Germany is slightly different from the BLOODANGEL being published in this country. Not only did I make my name change too late for the German version — switching from my maiden name Justine Wilson to my married name Justine Musk for several reasons — but the American version of the novel is also the most recently revised one. (My German publisher put the book on a faster track than my American one did, so now the book is already out in Germany yet won’t come out in the U.S. until October). The changes are not major, but they do make for a tighter and clarified and better-developed book, and I can’t help wishing that that was the book that Germans are reading.

Of course, for all I know, the translator Michael Windgassen could have set the thing on Mars or changed the characters into cats. I rather doubt he did either of these things, but I believe right into my bones that the American version — the slightly newer version — is better.


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