Happy Bloomsday

Jim Ruland is one of the finest writers I know. He recently finished his first novel — a six year undertaking — and decided the next logical course of action would be “opening up a bottle of Bushmills Single Malt Reserve, which you can only purchase at the distillery.” Right now Jim and friends are celebrating the novel in particular and Bloomsday in general at a pub in Santa Monica. Alas, I could not join them, which sucks.

I am home with the little ‘uns, waiting for the best damn Indian food I have ever tasted to arrive at my door. I have no Bushmills in hand, but will pour myself a healthy gin and tonic and give a private little toast to Jim’s novel.

Found a great new site today: Storytellersunplugged.com. Their mission statement says it all:

We’re a group of thirty authors, editors and booksellers working in horror and dark fantasy who want to share our love of the genre with like-minded readers. Each day of the month a different columnist will contribute a post – some will be serious, some will be funny, but all will be informative.

I had two thoughts when I read this: Wonderful idea, and, It’s about bloody time.


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