….And, having just linked to it a few minutes ago, I see that the book description is now up on my Amazon blurb. I wince a little at “…a rising young painter is haunted by disturbing dreams…” just because it seems that in every other novel involving the supernatural or the paranormal somebody somewhere is ‘haunted by disturbing dreams’, even more so than the troubled children characters who draw spooky pictures.

I prefer the sentence on the back of my jacket copy, which elaborates: “…haunted by disturbing dreams. Her walls are covered in her own scrawls: Release the boy…” because at least that introduces the element of what Jess does when she’s dreaming. She sleepwalks. And her sleepwalker self is privy to information and even prophecy that her wakeful self is not. This idea of sleep as a little death — an altered state — is interesting to me — the image of a sleepwalker as a kind of ghost or shaman.


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