In New York right now (good lord there are sexy people walking around Soho). Meeting with people — my editor, my agents — tomorrow I talk to a director of publicity and also a lovely man named Jim who buys for one of the big bookstore chains. Talking about BLOODANGEL in particular and publishing in general. Will blog about those conversations in a little more detail when I have more energy (any energy).

I talked to my agent Andrea Somberg a little bit about her online reputation among some aspiring writers (who compare notes on places like as the Five Page Queen. These people have noted that Andrea will often request five pages and then reject the manuscript based solely on those (when she read Noah Lukeman’s book she emailed me to say that he is “dead on”). She agreed to “defend her policy” and also answer whatever other questions I see fit to ask her about agenting and the bizarre and mysterious workings of the industry, and I will record her responses here in this blog in a feature that I am fondly and somewhat drunkenly (this hotel’s mojitos are quite good, as mojitos are quite a good thing in general) thinking I will refer to as Just Ask Andrea.

Another thing: my editor Liz Scheier, who is also the editor of one Caitlin R. Kiernan, reports that Caitlin’s work-in-progress DAUGHTER OF HOUNDS is shaping up to be a fine book indeed (you will note that I’ve linked to her website, since HOUNDS is not yet linkable for what strike me as obvious reasons).

And on another note entirely: Found out that my dog Hobbes is still at the vet’s, and not doing well. I have a very bad feeling.


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