marching along

Just got back from WEDDING CRASHERS, which I surprised myself by thoroughly enjoying (I was expecting it to be kind of lame, kind of mediocre). Then while surfing the usual sites came across this Salon article about something I hadn’t even been sharp enough to notice — that the ‘wedding season’ montage doesn’t include any African-Americans which, given the attention to other cultures and ethnicities, does seem distinctly odd.

Am ten pages into the new draft of the old novel, which is back to being my new novel now that it’s in-progress again and the YA thing is complete. The opening sentence of the moment, for those who might have an interest in such things, is “We said we could tell each other everything, Gabe, but I lied”, although the book as a whole is not told in first person. Usually when I write a novel I outline and then keep revising the outline as the novel progresses — the outline affects the writing which affects the outline which affects the writing. This book, though, seems to want to go a little more loosely. I know the situation, the characters, the backstory shaping the frontstory, I know the big bones of plot from which I want to hang everything else. But how those bones will knit themselves together is a bit of a mystery at moment, and yet I have faith that they will, that the novel won’t drop me on my ass midway through. I’ve been living with this story for a long time now and the plan is to buckle in and make steady and significant process everyday. I want it done, partly because the reader in me wants to see how it all hangs together and how exactly this thing ends.

“Wow,” my husband E is saying from behind his computer*, “MUST LOVE DOGS is getting totally panned. One critic says ‘Calling this movie a dog is an insult to canines.'” We have also noted that STEALTH isn’t exactly faring well. This didn’t surprise me — the trailer left me cold, and judging by the jeers and catcalls rising from members of the very demographic the movie was targeting, I wasn’t the only one. (This is what the trailer accomplished: it made me think, Look at that, they’re borrowing from WARGAMES. WARGAMES is a good movie. I should see WARGAMES again.)

There’s always THE ISLAND (look at that, they’re borrowing from LOGAN’S RUN…) but I just can’t find the enthusiasm for any more extended car chase scenes and explosions and ADD cuts. Where are the *good* mindless Hollywood blockbusters? Where oh where have they gone?

The best thing playing right now would appear to be MARCH OF THE PENGUINS, but I’ve read about it and as corny as this may sound I am not at a point in my life where I can sit through some of those scenes. The sadness of it, or whatever it is I project onto images like that — would just slay me. I’d be bawling right along with the six-year-olds.

*E and I share this massive rugged wooden table imported from India, which quite nicely holds both our desktops while still leaving room for all the crap that accumulates around them.


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