Apocalypse, you say?

I thought the following is the best synopsis of my novel BLOODANGEL I’ve read yet. Celeste Fine, who’s handling foreign rights for the book, put this together — some of it is from my original query letter, some of it is from the Roc jacket copy, and some of it she added herself:

ROC/Penguin, Oct. 2005.

Jess, haunted by her parents’ death and her uncle’s abuse, paints strange, wild portraits of a teenage boy lost in the desert. It is the face of Ramsey, a skate-punk, bookworm foster kid who showed up at a police station at the age of seven, covered in blood. When a burned-out rock’n’roll star enters into an unholy alliance with a mysterious hitchhiker, and the forces of pre-biblical good and evil start to stir, Jess must unravel the truth about the boy’s identity — and her own. Her quest will take her to a place deep in the Mojave where magic is real, demons exist, and an underground rock’n’roll band has the power to bring on Apocalypse.


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