sex with your imaginary friend


I’ve known for years that Harriet Klausner is like the Michael Jordan of online book reviews — she just takes the concept to a place where no one can or dare follow — and, hence, is probably the only person in the history of the world who will ever, ever see herself pictured in People magazine because of her reviewer ranking. So it only makes sense that publishers would send her advance review copies (ARCS) of novels. But it never occurred to me that I would suddenly stumble on her review of my own novel BLOODANGEL two months before the October release date.

Thank you, Harriet!

Aside from the extraordinarily charming line of five stars, this is my favorite (cough “great new writer” cough) part:

…Justine Musk is a great new writer on the horror scene and will appeal to fans of Poppy Z. Brite. The characters, especially the Summoners, have an interesting perspective on life as they have walked the earth for centuries. The history and culture of the Summoners is also fascinating and even [the villian] elicits reader sympathy having been a sex slave at one time. It is hoped that there will be future books featuring the Summoners.

It is the best feeling when a reader recognizes some particular element of the novel that means a lot to you, the creator. This is especially true with characters. I was surprised how hurt I was on one story person’s behalf when a friend who’d read the manuscript dismissed him as ‘a loser’ even though he starts out the novel on quite the personal low. I much preferred it when another, considerably different friend mentioned, with an enthusiasm an onlooker found disturbing, how much she would really like to have sex with this same character. (Said onlooker felt compelled to inform her, But. He. Doesn’t. Exist.)

And I’m very pleased when someone remarks on the book’s music scenes. I didn’t even realize how important music — most kinds, but primarily rock — is to me until I wrote this novel.

And I’m extremely pleased now to (re)read Harriet’s lines about the perspective, the history and culture of the Summoners, which took me several drafts (one of which was actually translated into German and published abroad) before I felt like I got it right, or at least as close to right as I was going to get and still keep the (American) publishing schedule.


Some dude on Ebay is trying to sell an ARC of BLOODANGEL. Since I am not exactly Stephen King — or Poppy Z Brite herself — I am dubious that his attempts will meet with success. I was in the middle of bidding on the damn thing myself when my husband E noticed what I was doing and argued that I should give the book a chance to end up in the hands of someone else, that it’s all part of “getting the book out there”. I have a few days left to debate the merits of this, but I suspect that that little, lonely, underappreciated ARC is about to come home to mama.


Question of the day for those inclined to answer:

Which fictional character would *you* most like to have sex with? (You don’t have to have sex. You can just cuddle.)


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