Took time out from writing tonight to watch BONES, starring David (He Who Was Angel) Boreanez. To my surprise and delight — television, as a rule, does not inspire my confidence — it seems like a smart, promising show. I thought I wouldn’t be much interested in Boreanez if he wasn’t playing Angel, but it appears I am wrong.


I’m revising my YA novel, STRANGER, and it’s going well. The first draft I wrote from the outside in — concerned with structure and pace and how the story fit together overall. I don’t know how this process works for other writers, but when I’m working on a novel it ‘feels’ like a three-dimensional structure taking shape inside my head. I want that overall shape of it — I want the bones hammered together — I want to know how the story shifts and moves, how it fits, the design and layers of it.

My first drafts tend to be a bit slick in places — underdeveloped — and in STRANGER I cheated a bit with the fantasy elements, grafting them on here and there to solve plot problems. But now the true story is heaving itself up through this first, facile surface, showing me what I recognize now as its true face, darker and edgier than I realized. The bits of cheat-fantasy are no longer needed. It’s cool. This is the part of the process — when the novel starts to truly come together, when I can move inside it and write from the inside out — I really like.


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