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Too tired to actually blog today, so for those who are stumbling upon my humble blog for the very first time and are curious about my book, I give you this: a review from the fantasy & science fiction editor at Barnes & Noble, which lays it out pretty nicely:

Stephen King’s The Stand meets Mötley Crüe’s autobiography, The Dirt, in Justine Musk’s page-turning debut novel, BloodAngel — an apocalyptic thriller fueled by sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll that chronicles the last days of the millennia-old battle between angels and demons.

Jessamy Shepard is an up-and-coming artist quickly making a name for herself in the New York City art scene with her haunting paintings of an enigmatic boy. But a reoccurring nightmare is beginning to unravel her sanity. Ramsey Doe is a 15-year-old “bookworm skate-punk” living with a foster family in Minnesota. When he’s not writing prose that is unfathomably deep for his age, he’s surfing the Web, downloading music from obscure bands or chatting with his Internet friends. When he finds out about an underground rock band out of California called Trans, fronted by a wildly charismatic woman named Asha, his future is irrevocably altered. Asha, it turns out, is actually demon-possessed and hell-bent on re-creating Earth in her own evil image. All that is standing in her way are two unlikely heroes — a painter and a punk — who are just beginning to understand their mysterious heritages and godlike powers…

As primitively rousing and addictively entertaining as the eardrum-assaulting, hip-shaking music featured within, Musk’s BloodAngel has all the dark intrigue of a King thriller, the unrestrained audaciousness of a Laurell K. Hamilton Anita Blake novel, and the cool irreverence of a Cory Doctorow creation. Highly recommended. Paul Goat Allen

THE STAND meets THE DIRT. (Meanwhile my husband E likes to call it THE STAND meets BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER). I love that.

The book doesn’t seem to be on bookshelves yet, but is “in transition” even as I write this and should be available Tuesday, Oct. 4, which is the official release date. (Sometimes books show up a little earlier than the stated publication date. But, it appears, not mine.) Let the games begin.


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