vermin unite

I’m reading at Vermin on the Mount tonight (and I want one of these posters).

So if you’re in LA and in or near or around the neighborhood, please drop by and say hi.

November 12, at 8PM, Vermin on the Mount, the irreverant reading series, will be taking place in Chinatown. The host is author Jim Ruland, who recently published Big Lonesome*. The lineup stars “deathrock cutter memoirist” Jolene Siana, poet Teka Lark Lo, former Euro-pro-baller David Fromm, and urban fantasy novelist Justine Musk. The event is at 475 Gin Ling Way–and free.

“So what makes Vermin so special?

Four reasons. One, Vermin on the Mount is held at the Mountain in Chinatown. It’s dimly lit, beautifully exotic, and serves alcohol. Second, we favor eclectic line-ups. L.A. doesn’t have a literary scene: it has several and we draw from all of them. We’ve had novelists, zinesters, journalists, punk rockers, bloggers, and so on. Local and out-of-town talent. Indie and mainstream writers. Emerging and established artists. When you come to a Vermin on the Mount event, you never know what to expect. Three: free stuff. People come for the readings and stay for the raffle. We give away books, posters, t-shirts, you name it. Four: did we already mention the booze?”

via The Elegant Variation

(Written by: susannah breslin)

Oh, those eternal, plaguing, existential questions: What to read? What to wear?

*Excellent, wry, moving, wise and funny short-story collection from Gorsky Press


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