what Darth Vader and I have in common

There are some days — many days — when it’s all you can do to keep yourself plugging along, when that stubborn faith-love that keeps you writing long after the realization that you will not have conquered the literary/publishing world by 25, or 30, or ever, no matter what contests and scholarships you might have won as a teenager or how your teachers praised you* — gets dangerously thin and wispy.

And there are days when you throw back your head and give your best evil cackle and exclaim, “I am so going to rule the world.”

Good day today. Productive writing session followed by a workout on the treadmill — forty-five minutes of sprint/walk intervals — and so I was already feeling lean and mean and industrious when I discovered that BLOODANGEL got a mention in today’s USA TODAY (page 7d):

Never has escapist reading been so crucial to the holiday traveler’s mental health. USA TODAY’s Deirdre Donahue offers a sampling of new paperbacks for the flight home.

There follows a list of 15 titles, including my own humble effort (slotted right below STAR WARS: REVENGE OF THE SITH):

For those with an appetite for horror, suspense and strange happenings, here is a debut thriller.

So there you go.

I am helping to preserve the mental health of the nation.

Doing my bit for my adopted country.

(Me and Darth Vader.)

Swung by a bookstore and made the happy discovery that they had sold out of my book. (Okay, they only started out with three copies. But still. How I love that word ‘reorder’.) Came home to some lovely emails including a note from a Canadian literary writer I’ve long admired who had recently Googled himself over to a blog entry of mine in which I had mentioned him, a town we once had in common and a mutual acquaintance (also a writer). Can I say, this is why I love the Internet. And this is why I fear the Internet. What you write late one careless evening while sipping a leisurely gin and tonic can twist back when you least expect it and smack you on the ass. This, however, is a rather lovely smack. And although that didn’t quite come out the way I intended, I’m pretty sure you know what I mean.

*Unless, of course, you are Zadie Smith. But most of us are not.


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