do you know who I am? uh, no? let me show you this review….

BLOODANGEL got reviewed in the Chronicle (one of the two major trade SF/F magazines — the other is Locus — read by agents, editors, booksellers)!

“[An] unusually compelling story of the supernatural which weaves together separate and individually weird stories involving invaded dreams, a
mystical predestination, and a rock singer whose popularity results not just from the quality of the music she produces but its very nature. Quite well
written, both in plot structure and prose, and hopefully the harbinger of a major new talent.”

Off to the Southern California Writer’s Conference in San Diego — I’m ‘teaching’ (I use the word loosely) a classroom/lecture style workshop today and leading two read/critique sessions over the weekend. The first time I went to this conference (seven or eight years ago, as another aspiring-writer attendee) I was looking forward to the chance to talk about writing with like-minded souls for a weekend.

This time, as a writer and a mother, I am looking forward to getting out of the house.


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