of eggs and eggheads


My agent has assured me that the length of my synopsis is fine. That “because they’ll be making a decision about the novel based on the synopsis and sample chapters, detail is good”. It wasn’t so much detail I was after — I just wanted to make sure each major section of the book was given equal weight — that the written part of the novel wasn’t described in excruciating detail while the still-to-be-written part was summed up in three or four vague sentences.

So I am no longer worried that the thing is too long. I am merely worried that it sucks eggs.


Watched THE APPRENTICE last night and became so thoroughly irritated with Tarek. Aside from the whole I’m-a-card-carrying-member-of-Mensa ridiculousness*, he just reminded me of the people my husband E would roll his eyes about whenever he was interviewing people for PayPal, in those days when he was still with Paypal. Palo Alto, the home of Stanford U., was full of Tareks, especially once the dot.com boom exploded and the movement’s original pioneers and idealists (such as my husband, and many of the people who turned into his friends) had to make room for all the Wall Street kids who’d realized that the real big, fast money was to be made over on the west coast**. (Wasn’t Tarek the same guy who said, “Let’s call our team Gold Rush because we all want to make a lot of money?” Gag.) Young hotshot men (and some women) who have excelled at school from day one, made it all the way to the Ivy League and excelled there, too, so when they graduate and start looking for jobs they strike a “What can you do for me?” kind of attitude…which, unfortunately, is not backed by much real-world experience or the wisdom gained by such. “So you get all the arrogance and attitude,” E told me, “without any of the capability, or the willingness to admit mistakes, adapt and learn.”*** I’m not a big Trump fan — although I’m addicted to the show — but I enjoyed the way Trump called Tarek out in the boardroom, and his following comment to Caroline: “Tarek is completely overrated!” Maybe in ten years, Tarek will be something approaching the Great Leader with Killer Instinct he already thinks he is, but the way he refused to take responsibility for his lame-ass marketing, and the petty way he chose that one guy as a potential candidate to be fired, just because that same guy had the audacity to criticize Tarek for his lame-ass marketing? The boy needs a bitch-slap.

* Why does he even think, that in the brutally competitive world he’s trying to enter, qualifying for Mensa somehow makes him unique? Or that anybody cares?

**In my experience, at least, it was the Wall Street dudes who ended up crashing and burning, while the original pioneers/idealists — who truly loved and ‘got’ the Internet and how it could make a real contribution to daily life (as well as being ferociously smart and insanely driven, which in that work=play=work environment you simply took as a given) — ended up in what you might call a rather good financial situation, despite the bust. Interesting, that.

*** E’s prescription for them: “They need to go spend a few years at a Fortune 500 company, where everybody is like them, they have no status whatsoever and they’re treated like dirt. They get seasoned and humbled. Then you can work with them.”


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