rock the cradle of love


Synopsis and sample chapters have been officially approved by agent and passed on to editor. So we shall see what we shall see. My agent voiced one concern — that the real-life inspiration for one particular character (a minor one who doesn’t survive all that long) would be a little too, shall we say, obvious to anyone who watches TV or reads trash/entertainment magazines or, even, lives on planet Earth. “I feel like the references might take away from the novel,” she said. She might have a point. I’m thinking about how I can go back and rework that character so she’s more of an amalgram of certain pop-culture personalities, but still her own person.


My son Xavier is almost two, pale and platinum blonde, and after breakfast and washing-up this morning he was racing around the house with spiky faux-mohawk hair. I started calling him Billy Idol. He doesn’t quite get the reference, but one day.


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