a sunshine-and-chocolate kind of day

I woke up this morning to a very welcome email from my agent, three hours ahead of me in New York. We have interesting things to discuss.

So there was good news today.

Got out of the house long enough to zip over to the nearby Getty with a friend, to see the Courbet exhibit. Going to the Getty is an experience in itself — you’ll hear how it’s “first-class architecture housing third-class art”, which is true, but oh, the architecture, and the leisurely tram ride up into the green hills. How the weird mix of this corner of LA — the lushness and foilage, the freeways carrying people to and from the Valley and beyond, the multi-million dollar houses studding the Bel Air hillside — spill out beneath you as you rise into the sleek Italian-tiled environment of the Getty.

I liked the Courbet exhibit — I’m not into landscapes, never have been, gravitate much more towards some of Courbet’s peers (Manet, Degas) which is how I became aware of Courbet in the first place. But I was fascinated by his depictions of a place he called the ‘Black Well’ and I loved his seascapes: waves rising, cresting. Which made me think of an online writer-friend of mine, Richard Lewis, who lives in Bali and experienced The Tsunami first-hand. His second novel, THE KILLING SEA, came out of those experiences, and I think it’s going to do good things for him.

Last few times I’ve been to the Getty it was like ascending into a cool, foggy world, where you look out over the bannisters and see nothing but mist.

But today it was so clear you could look out past the sprawl of westside LA, the beach communities, pick out the dark shapes of oil tankers cutting through the ocean.


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