’tis the week of running-around chaos

Just a note to say I won’t be blogging much — if at all — until I get some breathing space next week, but looks like I do indeed have a future at Roc/Penguin and BLOODANGEL sequel going full speed ahead — yay! yay! yay! — and, to my delight and bemusement, things have gotten interesting (in a good way) re: my other novel STRANGER.

So glad I have an agent to deal with this stuff, because 1) like many other writers, and after so many years of rejection and near-misses, I am still so amazed that PEOPLE WILL PAY ME ACTUAL MONEY for doing this that it makes me a pisspoor negotiatior — I’m more likely to say to agent: “Great! Let’s grab the money before they change their minds!” and 2) all I really want to do is hunker down and keep writing my book and not worry about this ::airy wave of hand:: thing called ‘practical day-to-day life’. It’s more like (addressed to the powers that be): So I shall be published? Good? Good! Carry on….Yes, there shall be Details, and I shall Deal With Them, but first let me get some damn chapters done, because in the act of writing there is groundedness and sanity. Elsewhere lies jealousy, insecurity, creative paralysis, and madness, so pass the tequila (or gin, depending).

But my turn at Storytellers Unplugged is quickly approaching — I post a writing-related essay on the 20th of each month — so please come visit me there. (And if there’s any aspect in particular of writing/publishing you think I should write about, by all means, let me know.)

Also, John Skipp rocks. He just does. Today I received my special-ordered copy of THE SCREAM — as I mentioned to the man himself, I suspect BLOODANGEL owes a strong creative debt to it — although the stories are very different, and Skipp tends to go places where I myself just wouldn’t dare (at least, not as a writer — although never say never, so who knows) — both happen to revolve around rock bands that exert a highly unnatural influence on their audiences. I read the book many years ago, when I was still a kid and still light-years away from thinking up the ideas and characters that went into BLOODANGEL, but I do think THE SCREAM was one of those first, early seeds.

(There was also — now that I think of it — an animated musical movie on TV about a young singer who falls in with some unsavory characters and is ultimately tied up and forced to sing open some kind of hell-portal that unleashes a huge mofo of a demon. I don’t remember the details — at one point there’s a song that goes something like, “My name is Mok and thanks a lot” and there’s another scene where the the just-jilted boyfriend takes out his anger onstage, singing to a girl in the audience “You’re pretty — you’re pretty –” and, as she softens and beams, “–you’re pretty USELESS!” I don’t even remember the movie as being all that great — the story sagged here and there — and yet I loved it. Hit all my personal pleasure buttons. Watched the rerun. So that, too, was probably an early seed.)


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