headlights through the murk


Finished the most difficult scene in my novel-in-progress so far, partly because it involves these underlying crosscurrents of politics, intrigue and emotional baggage accumulated over centuries between my paranormal (and long-living) characters, several of whom appeared only briefly in the first BLOODANGEL and so I’m still learning about them as I go. But I’ve come to the end of a section in the novel, a kind of narrative breaking point where it might be a good idea to backtrack, reconnect with the various threads I’ve got going on to make sure I’m not in danger of dropping any, meditate on the characters a bit and do some further worldbuilding — all based on my continually evolving understanding of just what the hell is going on in my own head.

That long middle zone of a novel can feel like such a murky place to be. I’ve written enough novels* now that I’m learning to like the middle — all the establishing of stuff, settings and characters and storylines and whatnot, has been achieved (an enjoyable task in its own right) and you’re off to the races — things get deeper and more complicated, characters reveal themselves, relationships twist in new directions, there are surprises and reversals — there’s that rich meaty sense of discovery, at least for me. I’m one of those writers who Outlines, but even so, the middle of the novel is when the story itself starts to turn over for me, show me its tender underbelly.


And a THANK YOU to people who have enlightened me that the TV movie I described in a previous blog entry is called ROCK AND RULE and, what’s more, is available on DVD. I looked it up online and was surprised to see it dates back to 1983! — in my entry, I referred to it as one of the first early seeds of the story in my head that eventually turned into BLOODANGEL — but wow, what a damn early seed. I was just a young thing when I saw it, yet to even develop my first crush on a rock star (David Bowie. A crush which, by the way, never really went away, although I regret that he ever fixed those cool wolfish teeth.)

*The vast majority of which are — and shall remain — blissfully unpublished.


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