because everybody loves a good bad boy


Took my book-in-progress out for lunch yesterday.

One of my favorite books on writing — with parts I love to reread — is Eric Maisel’s Deep Writing — and one of the bits I found most useful is when he talks about taking your work ‘on vacation’, which can mean a weekend getaway or just a trip to a nearby cafe. It’s amazing how a change of location can result in a change of perspective, turns you loose to find a new, better way into the story.

In this case I’m about to start a new section centered on my character Lucas Maddox — which will also explain what he’s been up to between the first book and this book — and over poached eggs with parmesan and chili pepper and a very lovely Belgian waffle, I brainstormed the sequence in my notebook. As a writer you’re always looking to connect with the material in a visceral way — you know you’re on the right track when you can feel it in your gut, in your spine. I’m excited about writing this sequence, and hope I can get what I see in my mind properly onto paper (ay! there’s the rub).

Was bemused to flip through that same notebook and see all my scribblings concerning my other novel STRANGER. There’s nothing particularly organized about the way I brainstorm and think and work my way through a novel, a process which spills over several notebooks (depending on which one happens to be lying around the very moment I need it). But man, I take a lot of notes — to the point of being obsessive, voluminous about it. I don’t think I even realized.


My editor sent a note to my agent in which she referred to my still-untitled work-in-progress as BLOODANGEL THE SEQUEL: REVENGE OF BLOODANGEL. I got a kick out of that. Perhaps when I hand in my outline for the third book — which should happen this summer — I’ll call it BLOODANGEL THE SEQUEL’S SEQUEL: BLOODANGEL STRIKES BACK: THE SAGA CONTINUES.


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