sartorial matters

Colds have been sweeping through my household. Bleh.

About to head off to a premiere of Al Gore’s global warming movie — AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH — and so am pondering the issue of What To Wear (and its dark and dangerous flipside, What Not To Wear). Last premiere I went to, I showed up in skinny jeans and tank top and fur-trimmed black boots when everyone else in my party turned out in nice suits. I felt underdressed for about two minutes before deciding, Ah, screw it. Some people go all out for these things — the out-of-town visiting relatives of cast and execs, the actresses who know they have to walk the red carpet and hold court at the afterparty. The industry people dress business, as if the whole event is an office party — which it is, basically– and then there are the people like me, who have no professional investment in the night and just want to see the damn film.


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