Bloodangel Strikes Back: The Saga Continues


My essay — due on the 20th — is already up at Storytellers Unplugged (although for some reason it’s coming up on my screen — although apparently not on others’ — with the first paragraph cut off). How nice *not* to be writing it into the wee hours of the morning. I feel unusually organized.


My agent was gently pressing me to come up with a title and two-line description of the BLOODANGEL sequel, now that it’s a done deal with Roc/Penguin. I came up with this, which gets at the very basic skeleton of the story:


As Jess Shepard struggles with her dangerous new abilities — and gets caught in an increasingly twisted love triangle — an ancient enemy transforms Los Angeles into a demonic war zone.

Once I packed away any niggling thoughts of 80’s heavy metal bands and fiesty television vampire-killing heroines, the title kind of grew on me. I like the idea of keeping ‘angel’ in it, and where the title of the first novel refers to the nature of one of the good guys, I wanted this one to suggest the nature of the sequel’s Big Bad.

It seemed to serve the purposes of my agent, so I decided to run it by my editor.

She was fine with the description, but “….’slayer’ is always going to mean Buffy to me, and I think to your audience as well. It’s gotten coopted.”

And she’s right. Dammit. I must respect The Buffy.


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