reality TV is a good and productive use of time. really.

I was thinking about how I look forward to the new summer seasons of HELL’S KITCHEN and PROJECT RUNWAY — and wondering to myself, Is that so wrong?

Then I came across this little snippet in an interview with Roger Angell, longtime fiction editor at The New Yorker, in the current issue of New York Magazine. Who, while he was at it, also justified all the time I spend in movie theatres:

I snuck off to the movies two or three times a week, for two or three years, from school, instead of going to gym, when I was in my early teens. My father never found out. This was the beginning of Hollywood’s golden age, and I saw some great stuff: King Kong, Scarface, the Marx Brothers, The Public Enemy. I memorized all the character actors. The movies taught me a great deal about storytelling and drama. I don’t know what exactly, but it was such a powerful medium.

I’m a big believer in popular culture. I know people who say they don’t have a television. You better belong to the times that you’re in.

See? I’m just actively belonging to my times, dammit.


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