Superman Returns…

…and he is just so adorable.

I didn’t expect to like the movie as much as I did. (I was a fan of BATMAN BEGINS, got bored to death by SPIDERMAN 2). But here’s the thing: I liked the characters, and I believed in the characters, in that comic book kind of way. I bought into the romance completely. Kate Bosworth made a good, sharp Lois Lane — interesting contrast, I thought, to Katie Holmes in BATMAN BEGINS, who seriously marred that movie for me. I don’t consider her a bad actress, necessarily, she just seemed much too mild and young to be this flinty brave crusading DA. Bosworth seems the same age, has the same pretty-girl thing going on, yet there also seems a bit more edge and depth there. (Although the Pulitzer thing? For one article that sounded much more like a fluffy op-ed piece rather than hard-hitting investigative journalism? Please.)

Spacey, of course, was perfectly and brilliantly cast.

But the whole thing with the kid? Kind of made the movie for me. Can’t even say exactly why, other than — again — I liked the kid, who managed to be appealing without being overly ‘cute’/annoying/wisecracking/obnoxious in that way child characters often are because somebody somewhere mistakes that for charm. Also, for the screen time he was given he had very little dialogue, which I think is a smart way to go when you’re dealing with little-kid actors who aren’t, say, Jodie Foster.

E, who saw the movie with me, only registered lukewarm about it…Found it slow. I think many people will. I think you’re likely to go into this movie not knowing if you’ll be one of the people applauding happily as the end credits roll, or if you’ll be one of the people rolling your eyes at said people applauding happily as the end credits roll. As someone much more used to being on the eye-rolling side of things, I’m surprised by how much this movie charmed me.


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