yet another example why trust funds are bad, bad, bad things

Finally saw that much ballyho’oed video — if I link to it here, I don’t think I’ll respect myself in the morning — where idiot billionaire-in-waiting Brandon Davis comes out of LA club-of-the-moment’s-moment Hyde and unleashes a string of profanities about Lindsay Lohan while Paris Hilton looks on in usual vacant fashion and giggles. Davis is especially endearing when he comments that Lohan is disgustingly ‘poor’ because she’s ‘only worth 7 million’.

The moment I like, though, is when Davis gets in the car and babbles on to whoever is taping this little diatribe in the first place, wraps up with his ‘firecrotch’ comment, and as the car drives off you hear the cameraman chuckle wryly to himself and say, “Hey. Way to go.” Cameraman understanding, of course, how Davis just shot himself (and his family, since now his grandmother can’t get the A-listers to come to her fund-raisers*) in the ass, in a way that requires dexterity and skill.

Davis, of course, was too stupid to be unsurprised when the same elite LA club turned him away at the velvet rope a week or so later — not realizing that yes, this town (or at least, the elements of this town that get the most press and notoriety, that snag the public’s imagination, and the underbelly of that imagination) may worship wealth, beauty, and fame…but fame, when it’s the genuine, lasts-more-than-15-minutes kind (and sometimes not even then), trumps all. There’s a major difference between the people who pay for expensive things, including the ten-thousand-dollar tables at black-tie fund-raisers, and the people who get them free, who get in free, who can trade solely on the cachet of their name and reputation; a difference between the people who enter events via the red carpet and the people who, however stylish themselves, must walk over to the other, nondescript, ‘commoner’ entrance, so as not to block the view of the photographers.

Davis vs. Lohan was a neat little example of obscene wealth vs. obscene status, and so it’s a no-brainer that a club like Hyde would kick out Davis (and his wallet) in order to keep Lohan coming back, not to mention certain other types like her…even if Davis hadn’t made such a complete and total “can we please, please, please drop-kick this kid off the face of the earth?” jack-ass of himself.

*The grandmother hosts some kind of annual charity event in which they auction off plates painted and decorated by celebrities. This year, when she sent out the plates to the designated celebrities, she found a vast number of them returned either blank or decorated solely with the word ‘firecrotch’.


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