My first online interview.

My first YA novel, STRANGER, is tentatively slated to come out from Simon & Schuster/MTV Books around September, 2007.

My first film agent. (A writer’s lesson for Hollywood: expect NOTHING. Otherwise you a] will go insane or b] are already so. Still, such forms of validation are nice, and you take your victories wherever and however you can grab ’em.)

My first-ever written sequel to anything — the BLOODANGEL sequel — is moving into the home stretch. As happy as I am when I’m lost in the writing of it, I fret that it is crap, complete crap, nothing but crap. But that is what revisions are for, and my editor has a smart, sharp eye, and I am willing to work fast and hard, and I am in love with the story. So I’m optimistic about the final product. I just need to get myself from here to there.


The thing about blogging — as Poppy Z Brite recently pointed out in her own blog — is that it actually doesn’t cut into your fiction-writing time. Fiction is a whole other beast. Blog-writing is a kind of monkey-writing: fun, easy, relaxing, much like talking on the phone appears to be for people more normal than I am (I am somewhat phone-phobic, which has led to many exasperated complaints from my husband E about a] how I so often ‘forget’ to carry my cell and b] when I do have the goddamn thing on me, I ‘forget’ to keep it charged, so it becomes little more than a sleek decorative object.)

Blogging, however, does cut into email time, and once again I am atrociously behind in my emails. There are a few lengthy ones in particular I need to attend to — and I need to finally finish up my interview for writer David Niall Wilson’s blog, since one of his interview questions turned into my most recent essay for Storytellers Unplugged instead, and I got distracted.

So when I make my next blog entry, after taking care of above items, I shall be feeling powerful, productive, and organized.

If just in the illusory sense.

For about fifteen, twenty minutes.


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