you’re so vain — and yet so environmentally conscious…

I’m going to break my promise to self to keep my husband E’s professional stuff more-or-less off this blog — because I am SO FREAKING PROUD of something that’s going on tonight. But instead of bragging about the spouse, I’ll let David Brin do it for me:

* Tesla Signature One Hundred Event –

After much anticipation and countless rumors, rivalling the unveiling of the Kamen Seguay, PayPal founder and tech-visionary Elon Musk is finally ready to show off one of his keynote projects… the Tesla Roadster. Tesla Motors is a new American car company developing fully electric vehicles that are high performance, high production, and affordable*. The Roadster will first be sold in a limited set of 100 to a select group at an evening event on July 19 in Santa Monica. An all-electric car, the Roadster delivers better acceleration and handling than a Porsche Turbo, meets all U.S. safety standards, operates at twice the energy efficiency of a Prius, and has a highway range of 250 miles.

Also, can I say that this is a HOT LOOKING car. Stunning, gorgeous, sexy. E’s dayjob involves cool rocket stuff, but as far as I’m concerned — whatever.** The car is where it’s at….

* I feel compelled to note that at this juncture in time the word ‘affordable’ applies to a minority of people — as in, those who can ‘afford’ Porsche Turbos. But that’s only a starting point. Ultimately, affordable will actually mean affordable.

** Of course I don’t really mean that. Just a bit. Just today.


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