world peace, evening gowns, and 1-cent-per-mile hot cars


I’m working on my laptop, cross-legged on my bed with the television on. And I confess: what’s playing right now is the Miss Universe pageant, mostly so I could see the Project Runway dress the USA contestant is wearing (yes, I am a mindless slave to cross-marketing) —

— and wow, is this show lame. Amazingly lame. Nice to see Miss Canada make the top ten, however — although what the hell was she wearing in the opening sequence? The women were all decked out in costumes supposedly representative of their respective countries and Miss Canada comes out in this red-and-white spangly creation that manages to be suggestive of both a Las Vegas showgirl and, uh, a turkey. With a red maple leaf on top of her head. This is not quite my homeland as I know it. Perhaps I’ve been away too long.


Still behind on emails. And since I promised myself I would not blog until I was properly caught up, that can only mean the following:

I am not really blogging this.

You are not really reading it.


The Tesla Roadster!

Proud, proud, proud. Insanely proud.

The thing about being married to a man who wants to change the world? Makes my own lifelong goal of being a successful novelist seem absurdly modest in comparison. Let him tackle the larger issues of space exploration and clean energy and general, let’s-not-destroy-ourselves-first, human advancement. All I want to do is turn out my daily five-ten pages. Read to the kids (and then to myself). Hit the gym. Recycle.

And that just feels so wrong….as if, at the very least, I should be one of those people who says things like, “I want to change the world through my art!”

— although I suspect the world would much prefer if I refrain.


And the pageant continues.

As someone who will soon — knock wood — possess dual citizenship, I suppose I should be rooting for Canada or USA.

Yet Japan is so damn adorable.

And I just saw our Famous Neighbor (as opposed to our Notorious one) singled out by the cameras in the crowd. That man gets around. (My visiting mother was standing on our driveway when he happened past in a white stretch limo. He waved at her. She was thrilled.)


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