my editor’s a hottie of publishing


So I am bemusedly pulling for my editor Liz Scheier of Roc/Penguin to win this little ‘hotties of publishing’ contest based on the strength of her action shot alone — it has that je ne sais quoi, “damn the papparrazi*!” quality to it which I find particularly endearing. If you do as well, by all means, please vote**.

The contest seems to have kicked up a wee bit of controversy. Personally I thought it was kinda funny. Plus I’ve seen too many young women in LA who really are trying to trade on their looks, who are stuck in that life-narrative that seems particularly endemic to this city — the whole ‘when the acting/modeling career fails to materialize, try to land a rich dude’ thing. Pretty clear that Liz and her fellow competitors are not exactly in that category. Not like they’re going to traipse across a stage for us and play the piano while dressed in a bikini and talking about world peace. Simultaneously. (And then afterwards say, “I do it for the scholarships.”)

And while I’m linking to my publishing peeps, my agent has surfaced with her own web page. Which even has an image of my Bloodangel book cover on it. Right next to GAY HAIKU.


Tried to see THE DESCENT. I say tried, because about half an hour into it the person I was seeing it with — I won’t disclose his name, but let’s just say it begins with an E — leaned over to me and said, “Would you rather see a more uplifting movie?”

“No thanks,” I said. “I’m really getting into this.”


“J…” he said.

“Oh,” I said, realizing. (And that really is his nickname for me. I am not simply referring to myself by my initial.)

We left the theatre***.

Thing was, I told E to choose the movie because Something Very Good came together at work for him today. We conferred over our remaining choices and picked SNAKES ON A PLANE because the other candidates started much too late. Over a quick bite to eat, though, I scanned the reviews in Entertainment Weekly and discovered that SNAKES had not been screened for the critics because, claimed the studio, it’s “meant for the fans”.

How sad that ‘meant for the fans’ so obviously translates to ‘shitty movie’.

We went home.

(Edited to add: I’ve been scrolling through my Friends list and collecting opinions on SNAKES, along the “it’s the best terrible movie I’ve seen in years” line, and perhaps I jumped to too hasty a conclusion. If it’s a good bad movie then I guess I’ll see it this weekend.)

*did I spell that correctly?

** uh, for Liz. I mean for Liz.

*** E has severe problems with movies that are bleak and grim and also rely on character stupidity in order to advance an already implausible plot. In this case, as he put it: “They come across a downed moose that obviously wasn’t killed by a bear and then one woman finds bloody clawmarks in the stone wall because some kind of creature was so desperate to escape something chasing it and she doesn’t even say, ‘Hey, look at this, this is weird?’ Didn’t anybody in that group go down into that cave — which obviously isn’t a normal cave — with a bad, bad feeling?”

So I’ll have to go see it alone, since no one else I know seems willing to see it with me either.

E and I did agree that Natalie Mendoza is hot.


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