hotties, cars, and books


So my editor, Liz Scheier, won the ‘Hotties of Publishing” contest I was blogging about a few days ago (held over at mediabistro).

I am proud.

A note about hotness. This applies to boys and girls alike. There is pretty, and there is hot. They are often related but they are not the same. Hot is what inspires interest, fantasy; hot intrigues. Pretty just sits there. Pretty tries to please; it often tries too hard. Hot doesn’t give a damn. Hot is tied in to personality and intellect in a way that pretty is not. Pretty is surface; hotness, true hotness, has angles and edges and complexity. It is often not quite what you think it is. You can get tired of pretty (as many girls in Los Angeles tend, to their chagrin, to discover). But hot? Hot can ruin your life. (Especially in the movies.)

Which is why — even though this was just a fun, tongue-in-cheek kind of thing– I think it particularly appropriate that the woman who won was also the only woman who submitted a photograph where you couldn’t even see her face — she was blocking the camera with her hand.

That’s hot.


And while I’m doing follow-ups, let me proudly announce that the Tesla Roadster is selling like hotcakes — the Signature 100 (the first 100 cars off the line) sold out days ago, and the car generated some very pleasing business at the Concours d’Elegance. And that Youngish Hollywood Hotshot (think big boat. sinking*) who wanted one for free in exchange for the publicity he would give it (and who got turned down for reasons I went into in an earlier blog entry)? Yes, he stepped up. He shelled out the hundred grand. (Commented one source, “He probably couldn’t stand the idea of seeing George Clooney driving around in one while he was still in a lame-by-comparison Prius.”)


My editor at Simon & Schuster — Jen Heddle — emailed me to say she’d presented my teen supernatural thriller STRANGER to “the marketing people” today, and that the book met with “a very good reception”. So my fingers and toes remain crossed, which is the only sensible approach you can take in this business. But I actually have a pretty good feeling about this book (so of course watch it sink without a trace) and am looking forward to revisions.

Knock wood.


And finally finishing up the sequel to BLOODANGEL, in time for a September 1 deadline (I originally thought the deadline was August 1, but I caught a nice break). I still have the final scenes to write but took some time to go through the book as it exists so far, not just for a line-by-line polish but to refresh my sense of how the book hangs together, and what all needs to come together in the end.

Doing this has also kicked off thoughts of Bloodangel 3 — I have a sense of the big bones of the book but the rest of it, the smaller things, are just starting to come. This time I don’t intend to write a different novel in between — although I would, before or at least alongside the next book, like to do a short story or few, at least one of them set in the Bloodangel universe (I suspect I’ll end up writing a series of related short stories/novellas before this saga is through with me).

But talk is cheap; excuse me while I shift from the blog over to the manuscript and attempt to walk the walk.

* tiny little art film that came out in the nineties. you might have heard of it.


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