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Lively discussion about YA literature going on over here.


My mother-in-law lives in New York and gets work as a mature model; she scored a cool job in the current issue of New York Magazine, as part of a fashion photo narrative about a troubled marriage starring Rachel Weisz and Justin Theroux, told from his-and-her points of view. Maye is the well-coiffed blonde socialite who plays Mrs Robinson to young unfaithful whippersnapper Theroux. (The husband gets to have a wild affair with a glamorous older woman while the wife takes care of a ‘fussing’ baby and then sees her shrink. Typical.)

Maye arrived in LA yesterday and showed me the pictures. As it turned out, I already had the magazine but didn’t realize it was a double-sided affair, where you flip it over and discover a whole new ‘issue’ from the ‘man’s’ POV. Because I am a moron. This, of course, is the side of the magazine that Maye is in, which is why I had completely missed her before. A friend of mine asked her, “Did you get to keep the clothes?”

“Seeing as the outfit cost over ten thousand dollars,” Maye said wryly, “…no.”

The price of the Chanel clutch alone had her shaking her head in amazement.

Awesome clutch, though. I am too shallow not to notice.


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