in the _____ of an eye

Last fall I attended the New York premiere of the movie SYRIANA, because one of the producers has become a good friend of ours. The afterparty was held in the cavernous — and freezing — New York Public Library, where the commoners milled around downstairs and crowded in at the bar and the VIP-types got to go upstairs and down an echoing stone hallway to a buffet and private grouping of little round tables (and then to an after-afterparty at Bungalow 8). Stephen Gaghan, the writer-director of the film, was there, and so was Malcolm Gladwell. I had recently seen Malcolm speak at the Hammer Museum in Westwood — found myself standing and reading in line for about an hour for the privilege — and once you’ve laid eyes on the man, most particularly his hair, you will never have any trouble picking him out of a crowd.

He was an incredibly entertaining speaker — and I appreciated his anecdote about his first-ever book tour, which involved a stop at Book Soup on Sunset, where about three people (claimed Malcolm) showed up, one of them being a friend of his who lived down the street who happened to see a poster about the reading in the bookstore window — but that’s not the point. The point is this Variety article about how Universal just bought the movie rights to BLINK, with Gaghan to write and direct and a certain newly Tesla-Roadster-owning actor* to star.

So I guess I have an idea what Gaghan and Gladwell might have been talking about back when, in that echoing stone room upstairs.

A note about Gaghan…when I met him I told him something I’d picked up somewhere within the industry: that when Gaghan won his Oscar for TRAFFIC, the Academy Awards writers in their little backroom who were all watching on the monitor gave him a standing ovation. They genuinely wanted him to win and were glad and proud when he did. Gaghan at least pretended he didn’t know this, that he was hearing it for the first time from me. Nice guy. Nice moment.

* see previous blog entry with ‘cars’ in the title


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