reality check

A friend came home from work yesterday only to discover that someone had broken into her place through her front window. She went to her neighbor’s and called the police.

“The Los Angeles police are so…” She hitched in a breath and searched for a word. “…stupid.”

I said, “You mean they’re not like cops on TV?”

“I told the one guy I needed to clean up my front window and he asked me not to. I said, ‘What do you mean? You realize I live here!'”

My friend is what you might gently call anal retentive. Security issues aside, living in a place with broken glass on the floor could cause her a full-scale anxiety attack.

“They didn’t want you to fix it because it was evidence or something?”

“They wanted to take fingerprints.”

“And it takes the whole night for the fingerprint guys to get there and do their thing?”

“They said…” She hitched in another breath. “They said they couldn’t be sure if the fingerprint guys would show up in the next two days or so.”

“Wow,” I said. “Those cops on LAW & ORDER would have it fingerprinted within, like, fifteen minutes.”*

“Yes. But that’s a murder. Maybe things work faster for murders.”

*And in their free time would have tracked down Osama Bin Laden already. Where is Chris Noth when you need him?


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