in which the author attempts self-promotion

Here’s a smart list of HALLOWEEN HORROR MUST-READS from San Diego bookseller* (and talented writer in his own right) R.J.Crowther Jr., and I say that not just because my own book is on it (he specifies that these are books by writers “who don’t receive King-sized attention.” So true. But really, who does, other than a very anointed few?) I like the way my book is described, and so will quote that bit here (thank you Rob!):

5. Justine Musk “BloodAngel” Urban Fantasy/Horror of epic scale set in San Francisco and steeped in dream, magic and damnation. Angels, demons, and a strong female lead that uses art as her salvation on the brink of the apocalypse. The first book of a series. Missing Anne Rice now that she’s retired from horror? Here’s a leaner, meaner successor.

Actually — as far as the whole ‘series’ thing — the idea I’m playing with right now is that the Jess/Ramsey/Lucas/Kai story will end up being a quartet, and then I’ll fast-forward into a post-apocalyptic future and set a new saga there, introducing new characters but involving some of the old ones (since the Summoners are so long-lived). First things first, though. One of the Big Ideas for Book 3 just fell into place, triggered by an image from the movie FLAG OF OUR FATHERS. I tagged along to the movie with friends, looking forward to a good, intelligent war movie, not expecting to walk away with one of the central bones of my about-to-be-work-in-progress. This is why it’s dangerous to write fiction — because you can justify absolutely anything on the basis of potential artistic inspiration: “Yes, I MUST buy those magazines, and scoff at Britney’s husband and seek out new pictures of Kate Moss! It is NOT a sheer waste of time and brain-space — it might help me with my BOOK!”

God, the delusions, the delusions.

* His name actually came up during the course of my recent lunch with my editor: “He handsold the hell out of your book.” She was impressed.


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