we can be heroes


Kathy is a happy-go-lucky baby nurse who hails from Australia. We were talking about I don’t remember what, driving along the dips and curves of Sunset Blvd — UCLA campus to our left, lush wooded hills to our right, the Pacific Palisades in our very near future — when she suddenly said, “I saw your book on my client’s bookshelf, by the way!”

I had just read something here on the importance of learning who your audience is, so, feeling very marketing-savvy, I said, “Who’s your client?”

“He’s a television writer. He writes for HEROES.”

Funny. After about ten different people insisted I watch this show, I tuned in to an episode the other night — and got hooked in all of five minutes, even without knowing just what the hell is going on. (I still don’t.)

So I was pleased and tickled.


Heading out to the World Fantasy Conference tomorrow morning. Trying to get a good chunk of writing done before then, but it’s going in dribbles and dabs.

I shall now attempt to get out of the house. Wish me luck.


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