he’s been a bad banana


Overheard yesterday at a manicure/pedicure place, from a young blonde woman with a rock on her finger as she daintily inserted her feet into the soapy water: “….no, the banana and I are on a break. He’s been a bad banana…No, I’m okay with it, I’m going to go find another banana…I’m angry. I’m still angry. I’m going to mush the banana.”


Bret Easton Ellis is writing a ‘horror tinged soap opera’ for Showtime called ‘The Canyons’. I am intrigued. And, shall I say, [hangs head, mutters] a tad jealous — sounds like an extremely fun idea, fun project, to work on.

Regarding my own writing — my German publisher (who published a German-translated version of Bloodangel, with a remarkably different cover from the U.S. version, months before the book came out here in the U.S.) has expressed much interest in seeing the sequel, or so my agent reports. I want to work on the manuscript a bit more, so I told my agent I’d send it to them (or rather, to her to send to them) in early January, along with a proposal for the third book (or, if you will, the sequel to the sequel), LORD OF BONES.

And my Simon & Schuster/MTV Books editor gave me a heads-up that her revision letter for my YA novel UNINVITED — a supernatural thriller — should hit me early this week. That book is slated for September 2007, which I know will come up pretty fast; the winged arrow of time hurtles ever onward, and all that.


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