burning the pre-midnight oil

My actress friend’s show just wrapped for the season. She got some very good news, though. I’d like to brag about it here but will wait until she confirms that it’s okay to do so.

The husband is away to D.C. for a few days to meet with senators and advance humanity. I myself am not advancing much of anything at the moment. I plan to settle in for a late night of getting pages done and catching up on emails. The news is on in the background, and I just looked up to see my neighbor’s image splashed across the screen with the latest on his situation — he is soooo not enjoying life right now — the sheer drop in his lifestyle alone would be enough to shock him into catatonia, never mind the rest of it.

I am feeling the ever-growing need to go somewhere and dance my head off. Seems like it’s been a while.


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