walking in london

Currently in London for just a few days. Is it me, or is there an unusually vast number of sexy men walking around this city? I make that observation every time I come here. (Other observations I always make: man, these fries are really good and I love pubs. I know, I know, deep thinking it isn’t, but joy exists in little things.)

Saw the Manet to Picasso exhibit. This is the period of art that got me engaged in art history in the first place, and still my favorite, so a lot of these paintings — which travel the world in various shows — are by now very familiar to me. But I’ve been researching these artists and their Parisian/London milieu for my fiction (specifically the Bloodangel sequels*), and I actually found it startling to come up against these paintings — as if these personalities I’ve been reading about over the last year or so just suddenly rose up from books like Venus from the ocean to confront me on basement gallery walls. And I realized it was the first time I’ve seen this art while bringing all this new baggage to it: knowledge of lives and influences and how these artists were all tangled up in each other. Small worlds within a small world.

I lost my editor, Liz Scheier, who is leaving Roc for Del Rey. I am both excited to see how the Del Rey imprint evolves under her influence, and bummed that I won’t have her for the next Bloodangel book(s). Also apprehensive about my new editor, who has yet to appear on the horizon — on the one hand, Roc does seem to hire smart people and I’ve enjoyed everyone I’ve met over there — on the other, my experiences with Liz at Roc/Penguin and Jen Heddle at MTV Books/Simon&Schuster have been so positive that maybe I’m due for some hellacious writer/editor mismatch that can only end in disaster (and vodka).

My new book UNINVITED comes out in Sept., and this process has been a delight. Great blurbs from Christopher Golden and Holly Black, and my editor told me that the ARC is going to have a “real cover” (except for the metallic silver stuff which will be incorporated into the design of the bookstore copies). Usually ARCs — the Advance Reading Copies that get sent out to reviewers and studios, etc. — have a plain cardboard jacket, as BLOODANGEL did. In fact, I remember showing my husband the BLOODANGEL ARC and comparing it to the latest Poppy Z Brite and saying, “One day I want to write a book that gets an ARC that comes out like this instead of this” with the kind of dreamy maybe-one-day ambition that accompanies, say, my daydream of breaking into hardcover**. So it is pleasing. I am pleased. It is not, however, something you can brag about at dinner parties — not without launching into the kind of explanation about ARCs and publication in general that makes people nod and smile while their eyes glaze over and they wonder if they can drive home safely on another glass of wine.

* demons, magic, apocalypse, twisted love triangles…and of course Impressionism. Who knew.

** …and still selling enough copies to enable future book deals. that, you see, is the trick.


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