I still heart Starbuck



“I love nerds. Comic-Con junkies are the tastemakers of tomorrow. Isn’t that funny? The tables have turned. They’re a fiercely intelligent audience, which makes filmmakers want to please them. But I’m looking for the fangirl to come out of her shell a little, to be more accepted.”

— Kristen Bell


A mostly-only-in-LA kind of conversation:

“Do you remember [so-and-so]? [Second so-and-so] tells me he’s writing a tell-all book about [third so-and-so].”

“Out of revenge, you think?”

“Duh.” (Pause.) “Or maybe he just needs a hobby. I don’t think he’s been doing much.”

“Oh.” (Pause.) “You know, a literary agent contacted us the other day. Completely out of the blue. Somebody is shopping around a book about [names Significant Other] and she thought we had the right to know.”

“So is it any good?”

“According to the agent, it’s really, really bad. Like, wretched.”

“Hmm. I guess this kind of thing is bound to happen.”

And a philosophical silence falls.


I am still in deep angst over the fact that a) Battlestar Galactica doesn’t start its third (and last) season until freaking January, and also that b) Rome doesn’t have a third season at all.

But I am looking forward to the remake series The Bionic Woman, partly because Katee Sackoff — she who plays BG’s Starbuck, one of the best-written (and best-cast) female characters ever to grace the television screen — is on it. I think she’s playing a baddie. That would be cool.


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