Thank you, everyone who participated in the draw for UNINVITED…! I’ll come right out and say it: I was so touched and delighted by the response that I’m drawing more names & giving away more copies than I intended. (And since I haven’t drawn those extra names yet, feel free to send me an email — –if you’d still like to get your name in the heart-shaped box….okay, it’s really a hatbox from Barney’s, but screw it, how to resist referencing both the Nirvana song and the Joe Hill novel* referencing the Nirvana song? So I say unto you: it is indeed a heart of a box. Sort of. If you tilt it just so and peer at it from a certain angle and squint a little bit and drink a beer. Maybe two beers. Or perhaps a nice mojito. Then the box does take on a distinct heart-like quality.)

So this website should start looking different very soon. I’m psyched. It will be a work-in-progress for a while but, well, such is life.

And if anyone has any ideas or suggestions about what they’d like to see on the new site, drop me a line as well. Any questions you’d like me to answer in the blog or on the site, give it a shot. That could be interesting.

I do plan to blog regularly again — promo stuff has very little to do with it; turns out I’m just one of those people who likes to blog.

I plan to do book giveaways on a near-weekly basis (not just my books, because that gets old fast, but books from friends, books I really like…)

And there should be plenty of writing — fiction excerpts (I will post an excerpt from LORD OF BONES, the BLOODANGEL sequel, in the not-so-distant future, since I know some of you have been waiting…very…patiently for it, especially those of you who read the book when it first came out in what is, for a genre paperback series** novel, a very long time ago. And I thank you for that, and I promise not to do that to you again) and essays on fiction and pop culture and, well, other stuff. Sometimes I’m deep, sometimes I’m shallow, sometimes I’m deep with the shallow stuff. It all has its place. In my head, at least.

And finally: 3:10 TO YUMA is an excellent movie. As in, that movie made me happy, the kind of driving-a-new-maserati-around-breezy-sunlit-westside-LA-rocking-out-to-satellite-radio happy, at least for however long you’re able to forget that the maserati is an evil evil car and for as long as you’re driving it you’re an overprivileged idiot killing the environment slowly. But I digress. YUMA is one of those movies that restored my faith in going to the multiplex*. (It also doesn’t take just fourteen miles to the gallon.)

*My glorious friend and writer Rob Crowther Jr sent me an autographed copy. And that’s not even why I thanked him in UNINVITED. He’s just that kind of guy. Who has killer access to cool writers.

**It was not actually meant to be a series, which is part of the reason for the wait. I’m still not sure if it’s an actual series, although I love these characters and this world, no question; I do know it will be, at the very least, a trilogy, to fully round out the Kai/Jess/Lucas/Ramsey saga. From there, who knows. A lot will depend on reader reaction, since I am something of a soft touch.

***Which I still do often, because I love movies, but you sit through five or seven mediocre films and you have to admit you start feeling like a sucker. Especially when you could have been reading instead. But then you hit a great one — the kind that gets inside you and lights you up — and makes you realize that that’s why you sat through those five crappy movies in the first place. To get to the one that sends you up out of the dark with your soul-nerve pressed and humming.


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