Borders without borders

My S&S editor sent the following to my agent, who sent it to me, about the series of mishaps that prevented my new book UNINVITED from ending up in Borders stores on its release date (it is, however, at Barnes & Noble so, if you want it, get thee hence to B&N! Pretty please!).

Just wanted to check in and let you know this is still ongoing. As I said in my last email, part of the problem is that our Borders account manager left the company right at the time when he was supposed to be making sure they were clear about the 2 Uniniviteds, etc., so things got a little screwy, and then there was apparently a mix-up on Borders’ end where the buyer who usually buys our MTV titles passed this one to another children’s buyer instead, and that buyer dropped the ball. So yeah, this is a really unfortunate situation but our deputy publisher [name] has been in the trenches all week on this trying to straighten things out and make up for it. So rest assured things are in motion and I will continue to keep you posted. I’m very, very sorry about this, unfortunately it’s just one of those aggravating screwups that happen sometimes. We’re just as frustrated, believe me!

More as it happens.

I’d probably be more stressed about this if I was less stressed about finishing LORD OF BONES, but it is what it is. It’s not like nuclear explosions were involved.

In other news, I get on a plane this afternoon. I hope to blog at least once from Germany and then India — just a couple of days in each country, with a lot of time to write in planes and when jet-lagged in hotel rooms — including why I’m there in the first place, but if not I will be returning to your regular lack of Musk blog programming a week Sat or so.


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