elephants are cool


Back from India. Awesome trip. Showed one of my sons a gorgeous sandstone carving of the elephant god. “His name is Ganesh,” I said. I like Ganesh. Big beautiful animal uniting heaven and earth, symbol of patience, brings good luck, joins the spiritual with the practical, what’s not to like? The son had a slightly different take. He wanted to know, in a very reasonable tone of voice, why his name wasn’t Dumbo. He then wanted to know why Ganesh has so many limbs. “He is a very unusual elephant,” I informed him, and he asked why, and I gave it my best shot, and the conversation went on like this until I realized that I was squatting in the kitchen trying to explain the whole concept of Hindu gods to a three year old while massively jet-lagged to boot. This did not seem like a battle I could win.

When I was at university a then-boyfriend of mine wrote a short story in which he referred to one of those gods, except he couldn’t remember his name and for some reason could not find it out. He only knew that said god was blue. I hadn’t thought of that story in years and yet during those handful of days in India found myself wanting to briefly cross time just so I could tell him, Vishnu. The dude’s name is Vishnu! And every time I saw an image of Vishnu, I thought of that line in his story — something about “the blue god” walking the length of Noah’s Ark (don’t ask) with a kind of rolling gait. (Or maybe the rolling gait belonged to some other character.) I, uh, hope this isn’t a permanent association.


Close to the end of LORD OF BONES (coming out in July)– I shouldn’t jinx myself by saying this but I’ll just be so pleased and satisfied when I finish — it’ll be like I’m looking at the book and saying, You tried to defeat me and you DIDN’T! Heh heh heh! I emerge victorious! Or at least I emerge. I’ve mentioned a couple of times to people who just innocently happened to be within my conversational range that if BLOODANGEL taught me how to finally write a publishable novel, then UNINVITED and LORD OF BONES — especially BONES — taught me about the process — my process — of writing a novel, which includes a lot of thinking and daydreaming away from the laptop, and how important it is I respect it. Or else the writing suffers and I end up wasting time.


The spouse is mentioned in two mainstream magazines this month. There’s a profile of him in Los Angeles Magazine. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and not just because my own work gets a bit part and I am described as “willowy and Nordic” but because the man in the text resonated with me as the man I know and live with. While looking the article over at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf I felt a great surge of warmth for the man himself, and had to call him to tell him so. He also got tagged as part of “the next establishment” in Vanity Fair which is not to be confused with “the new establishment”, which is the bigger grander list. Apparently my mate has the potential to be new, but he isn’t new yet. He is next. And while scanning the new, I stumbled across a paragraph about a good friend of ours — he had never mentioned he was included in this, which is typical of him. Actually I can imagine his reaction right now, just kind of shrugging it off and looking embarrassed, saying it’s no big thing — and maybe it isn’t — but still. I was delighted.

Also, it means the spouse and I get invites to the Vanity Fair Oscar party next year*, in which we’ll walk around and drink champagne and look at the famous people, an experience not unlike roaming a particularly exotic kind of zoo. It should be good grist for blogging.

* The friend would have been invited regardless. He is that spanking new.


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