so are there any good movies showing at the end of the world?

Apparently there will be some disturbing stuff coming out in next weeks re: latest studies related to global warming — basically about how we are now in the ecological red (to use a phrase I came across in a recent article) — and how the focus now has to change from how to restrict greenhouse gasses to a whole other question entirely, which might be a bit difficult when we as a whole have barely gotten past the “does global warming even exist?” point of the conversation and are still a bit snagged at, “okay, it exists, but is it really that big of a deal?” It will be interesting to see how the media handles this, as well as the response from the opposing camp. (By the way, some of the students and scientists who discovered the unsettling speed at which the Arctic ice caps seem to be melting were from my alma mater, Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada. Which isn’t really relevant to anything, but a nice little tidbit nonetheless. At least for me.)

I was talking to some people involved with the film An Inconvenient Truth* who are still stunned, dazed, and amazed over a level of success that absolutely no one was predicting for it. In fact, the opposite. The independent financiers took it to their most promising personal connection — the head of a major studio — only to be told very gently that people weren’t going to hire babysitters and pay good money to sit through this thing. Although everybody involved in the film believed in the importance of it, no one expected it to get theatre distribution; actual commercial hopes for the film went something like, Okay, straight-to-DVD, and maybe we can get science teachers to show it in their classrooms.

And then some new young guy at Paramount — whose experience with making movies was, let’s say, extremely limited to non-existent — screened it in his living room and made a telephone call and said something along the lines of, I have to have this movie! I have to! Thanks to him, Paramount made an offer for the film. They were the only ones who did. They had no bidding competition whatsoever.

I bet that young dude got promoted.

*The feeling seems to be that he really is done with politics, there won’t be any Al Gore for President. But who knows. I can’t imagine that the man himself is completely sure either one way or another; if I were him, my silence would be partly, or mostly, strategic, whichever way I was leaning, but I would also want a sliver of space in which to change my mind…To paraphrase something I think I read in a magazine but could be misquoting entirely, “He’s happy now, so why would he run?”


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