que sera sera

So the sequel to BLOODANGEL — LORD OF BONES — is DONE and handed in and I am still curled up in the corner licking my wounds. This book kicked my ass. I am immensely glad for having written it, and I like the story and love love love the characters, but that space of time right after you hand in a final draft is a strange space indeed. Because this is when you have to accept that the book “is what it is” — which means, like all human endeavors, it is flawed and messy compared to the shining perfection of the thing in your mind, the vision to which you’ve been striving for all these months, and, so long as you had the freedom to go back into the manuscript and change things, rework or reinvent things, maintained the illusion of achieving. You think that when you finally submit the book, heavens will open and angels will descend popping bottles of Salon champagne, but instead you feel…raw and exposed and oddly restless.

On with it, on with it. On to the next.

As it so happens, you can now pre-order BONES on Amazon. If you so desire.


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