(the) reality (of publishing) bites

Ah, the brutal facts of publishing. I would like to get to work on a sequel to the sequel of BLOODANGEL, but blunt truth of the matter is that because of the time lag between BLOODANGEL and LORD OF BONES (out July 1), my publisher won’t make an offer — if they make an offer, by no means a certain thing in any way whatsoever — until the preorder sales numbers come in, which happens in March.

How I understand it: the preorders determine the initial print run of the novel, which helps determine the enthusiasm your publisher puts behind the book, which helps determine how it does — or doesn’t — find its way off the shelves and into the hands of readers everywhere. Someone somewhere made that comment about how a war is already won by the time the armies hit the battlefield; well, in publishing, the fate of a novel has largely been decided by the time it hits the bookstores. Either the numbers were good or they weren’t. Either the book generated buzz or it didn’t.

So for those planning to buy LORD OF BONES when it comes out July 1: it would be a huge boon to its humble grateful author if you would preorder it today. Preordering is a pain in the ass, I know, but look on it as your random act of kindness for the day. And who couldn’t use a wee bit of good karma?

For those of you who do preorder, please email me at justinemusk@yahoo.com so that I may thank you personally. It means a lot. For this particular story to fully play out the way it’s living in my head, it needs at least one more book, and I would truly like the justification and validation to write it.


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