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Both my agent and editor sent me this image of the cover last week. This is that weird, weirdly exhilarating part in the publication process where you see this thing, which has for so long been a thing in your head translating slowly and clumsily into text on a computer screen, begin to manifest itself into an actual physical object. Into something that will now exist completely apart from you, its maker. Strangers will buy it and read it. Some of them will love it. Some of them will hurl it at the wall in disgust. Either way, the book begins its own life, and I’ll go on with mine, and our paths will cross fleetingly through reviews and royalty statements* and opinions expressed online or in emails to me (which I love, by the way, even if I am too harried to respond promptly, or at all, although I am resolved to be much better).

So this is LORD OF BONES, due for release July 1, and the sequel to this book here:

And while I’m at it, I’m replacing the author-brooding-as-she-stands-against-the-wall author photo in my previous books with an image of author-brooding-as-she-sits-against-the-wall (because I just like to mix it up that way)…in the Balenciaga leather jacket that her friend Joanna traded her. So love to Joanna. ‘Cause the gods know I love that jacket.

* Please may there be royalty statements.


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