good lit and a well-shod horse

I give unto you, for your private pontification, my quotes o’ the day:

From an article about Gary Gygax in Slate:

Yes, we all knew, deep inside, that D&D wasn’t cool. Being able to say, “I cast a Level 3 lightning bolt at the basilisk while averting my eyes so I don’t turn to stone” doesn’t have the social pull of “I know a guy who will buy us some alcohol.”

From an interview with self-publishing dynamo Ken Wohlrob in

Q:Who are the Blacksmiths For Literary Progress? What do they do, and how are you involved?

A:The Blacksmiths For Literary Progress is a literary insurgency group of dedicated practitioners who believe in two things: good literature and a well-shod horse. We have hammers, we have anvils, and we are coming to your home. Like all literary insurgency groups we focus our energies where it counts: on not actually writing anything. But we have plenty of meetings. We don’t have any secret signs or anything weird like that, but if you spot us together you will notice a slight collective facial tick.


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