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Just back from the birthday party for Octavian’s son, who just turned two. While there ran into Gigi and Sam (not their real names), easily one of the most colorful couples I’ve ever come across in my life. I forgot they knew Octavian — in fact, I met them through Octavian when we were all in St Bart’s last December — so I was surprised and delighted to find them in Octavian’s backyard. They are en route to New York, to float their yacht around the Hamptons. The last time I was on that yacht was in South Beach a couple of months ago during the Winter Music Festival, which is where I met the gentle-mannered, talented, free-spirited DJ Jack (not his real name either) and his equally free-spirited female friends. Their free-spiritedness, and a certain carelessness about open bedroom doors, and a tendency to walk naked through hallways, had just caused a bit of drama. One of Sam’s staff — what do you call the yacht equivalent of a flight attendant? a boat attendant? — saw a little too much and quit in a huff of apparent moral outrage. Sam liked her and was planning to take her back to Los Angeles with them and keep her in his employ, so he was pissed. Also, he told me later, his yacht has such a wild hedonistic reputation among the agencies who hire out sailing crews that he finds it especially difficult to hire — and keep — good people. “I could change the yacht’s name,” he mused, “but it wouldn’t do any good. The agencies would figure out pretty quickly that it’s us.”

He was so pissed that he kicked Jack off the boat — “I like that kid, but he has to learn to keep the goddamn bedroom door closed” — along with Jack’s mostly-female entourage. This turned out to be good news for my own group, because we ended up following Jack and Co. to Space, a massive dance club in Miami where I have ended many South Beach nights over the years and so of course feel a great fondness and nostalgia for the place, which of course had absolutely nothing to do with the reason Jack was there. Deep Dish were performing, and they were awesome. Awesome. One of the most blissful nights of dance and music and company that I’ve ever had. My impression of Jack — I had some more interaction with him in LA — is that he exudes a sweetness and even a certain unexpected naivete — or maybe it’s just a deliberately cultivated, brown-eyed boyish charm. Who knows. He was also brighter and much better-read than I expected, which reminded me again not to make such quick assumptions about people — especially since Jack could probably say the exact same thing about me. But hey: you meet an alt-lifestyle bedroom-door-leaving-open DJ and a dangerously high-heeled blonde on a South Beach yacht known for crazy parties and ‘intellect’ isn’t really a character trait you take as a given. And then of course there’s Octavian, who introduced us to that scene in the first place, yet refuses to have more than two drinks (if that) and goes home early so he can get up at 6 and eat quinoa.*

*While the nannies and I were arranging the boys’ schedule to get them to the birthday party, one nanny piped up, “So I guess there will be hot dogs there?” “Octavian doesn’t do hot dogs,” I informed her. “We’re talking about a guy who believes deeply in the power of quinoa.” Sure enough.


I have my first Lord of Bones-related interview up here.

Would you introduce your upcoming novel?

My new book LORD OF BONES is the sequel to my first novel BLOODANGEL, a dark, edgy urban fantasy series concerning the apocalyptic war between demons and the Summoners, a race of men and women descended from angels who can tap into an otherworldly realm called the Dreamlines – which is kind of like this huge preternatural World Wide Web – and manifest its energy through magic.

The first book, BLOODANGEL, is about how two characters – a foster kid named Ramsey and a rising twentysomething art-world star, Jessamy, are forced to confront the startling truth of who they really are and the roles they’re meant to play within this hidden world-within-a-world of magic and Dreamlines and demons. It’s also about a musician named Lucas who used to be big before losing himself in a heroin addiction….One day he picks up a stunning, enigmatic hitchhiker who knows the extent of Lucas’s musical gifts in a way that Lucas never could and plans to use them toward a purpose that will transform Lucas’s life beyond recognition. And watching over these characters and acting a bit as puppet-master is the 700-year-old Summoner Kai, a member of fallen royalty who is pledged to protect and train Jess even as his forbidden feelings for her start to complicate the relationship.

In LORD OF BONES – out July 1 — the characters are dealing with the consequences of the first book…If in the first book the characters are puzzling out questions of identity, in the second book they’re struggling with the power that comes along with that, what it means, the burden and potential damage of it. Jess now finds herself an outsider struggling for acceptance amid the tightly knit Summoner community, preparing for the Trials that will make or break her as a Summoner, not knowing that her chances are already compromised by matters of love and betrayal. Ramsey is becoming a skilled demon-hunter/gunslinger who encounters an underground resistance network dedicated to fighting the demon-human hybrids…led by a hybrid herself, who challenges Ramsey’s assumptions about them. Lucas’s determination to remain his own man, no longer enslaved by his dark musical gifts, is quickly overmatched by the arrival of an ancient and powerful entity known as the Soulbreaker – the Lord of Bones – who has plans for both Lucas and Jess and a mysterious claim on both of them. And running through all this is Jess’s dream-connection and deepening attraction to Lucas. She’s also struggling to develop her own sense of self in her relationship with the formidable Kai….who demonstrates, in this book, a single-minded ruthlessness in his battle against the Lord of Bones and a complicated personal history of his own.


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