he is also very tall


Lo and behold, an article on the slavehunter featured several blog posts ago (I myself did not meet him when he was slavehunting. He was at Villa).


“The neighborhood I grew up in literally was born, lived and died within the span of my childhood, and it was only much later, once I got some perspective on it, that I realized how this constant transformation of the landscape probably found its way into my work and defined my sense of the city.

“I think that L.A., or to be precise, Hollywood, promises everybody that they can write their own mythology. Nothing is imposed upon people. The advantage to L.A., if you kind of know what you want to do, it allows you to do it. It gets out of the way. I think the disadvantage for people who have no idea what they want to do is that L.A. can make you crazy. But it leaves everybody to their own devices or to their own fantasies. It encourages the individual fantasy instead of this overriding civic fantasy.”

— (excellent) novelist Steve Erickson*

*not the fantasy novelist.


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