milk makes you strong

So I think I’m in love with Causecast ’cause they make stuff like this:

(They are also an unusually attractive group of people but that is entirely beside the point.)

I had never heard of Harvey Milk before, so here’s a bit about the upcoming Sean Penn movie MILK I found on Celebitchy because, see, that’s the kind of site where I go to learn the important stuff.

I can’t vote — yet — because I am Canadian (and I’ll have you know that I do not like hockey and I do not say ‘eh’, although I secretly crave sweaters with moose on them because, really, how could I not?) — so if some Californian who might not have been planning to bother to do so could vote No on Proposition 8 for me, I’d be grateful. If you send a photo of yourself doing this to, I might even name a character in my new book SOUL MATTER after you and find some special way to kill him off.

I mean, it’s not exactly a sweater with a moose on it, but it’s what I got to give.


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