I so heart Obama


The other day I got to thinking about Jane Austen heroines and told a friend that she reminded me of a matured, graceful Emma, due to her preternatural social skills and general hostessing talent. I myself, I explained, am more of an Elizabeth Bennett type, looking for my Darcy (aka Colin Firth).

She disagreed. “I see you more in an Edith Wharton kind of world. You’re maybe like Countess Olenska.”

Since Ellen Olenska ranks as one of my favorite female characters ever, and Michelle Pfeiffer played her in the film adaptation of The Age of Innocence — “delicate beauty with a razor edge,” said my friend, a phrase that I planned right there and then to steal for a future novel — who am I to argue the point?


Last night I went to the Causecast “holiday transition” party, held at the home of the company’s charming CEO and his even more charming wife. They have an awesome house with an awesome deck with an awesome view. They are also firm believers in the power of an excellent DJ, which means I have never been at a social gathering of theirs and failed to have a good time. If the kids are with my ex, I’ll even crash in one of their guest bedrooms.

I was dancing around with friends when a man pointed at me and beckoned me over. I liked his manner and also his hat (fedora? bowler? I don’t always get the distinction) so I boogied over. He was attractive and well-dressed, which is not so unusual for a Bel Air gathering, and black, which is a bit more so. He helped me get into the groove of a few moves. The two glasses of wine also aided me in this.

Turned out he was Causecast’s “philanthropy consultant” and a senior advisor for the Obama presidential campaign.

I knew Obama was cool.


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