Lunch with Jim Morrison


Yesterday I brought home Jim Morrison. I found him in a gallery on Canon Street in Beverly Hills. I was looking at the work of a local graffiti-inspired painter when I saw Jim across the room and thought: I must have you. Because he was one of the inspirations for my character Lucas Maddox in BLOODANGEL and LORD OF BONES, and even though it was an impulse purchase, I felt justified.

My friend Amy and I took him for lunch. Here he is:

I have grown very fond of him.


My mother, who is visiting from Canada, came into the study while I was working on the novel and said, “Did you hear about the horse truck that came by this afternoon?”

“The what?”

Although Bel Air* is roughly twelve miles of lush, semi-wooded hills sweeping the northern side of Sunset, it is not what you call horse country. It is Mercedes Benz and Ferrari and Porsche country.

“This huge horse truck. It stopped in front of your neighbor’s –” She was referring to my Notorious Neighbor, NN for short. It’s a mark of how long NN has been appearing in this blog that he is known only by initials, which is how I started off referring to people. “…and about six or seven horses got out. And these men just led them up your neighbor’s driveway and into his backyard. Do you know what your neighbor was doing with seven horses?”

“I have no idea.”

“Oh,” said my mother.

She left, and I went back to my writing.

* God I love Bel Air. When I took my first tour of the place I said exactly that to the real estate agent, who gave me this ‘duh’ kind of look and said, “What’s not to love?”

The beauty of the sunsets alone is worth the price of living here. As is the sense of refuge, while knowing you’re only fifteen minutes away from downtown Beverly Hills (if you’re east gate Bel Air) or Brentwood/Santa Monica (west gate).


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